Help us reward families for making healthy and lasting changes!

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We are working hard to make sure children are loved and nurtured by providing parents with the education, support and resources needed to raise well-adjusted, productive future adults. We work diligently with each parent, helping them to grow by setting goals and practicing new habits.

You can help us provide incentives for families:

As parents reach new benchmarks and successfully practice healthy habits we reward them with a small giftcard for their hard work. Many are single parents who are recovering from highly disfuctional situations and need a little encouragement along the way. These gift cards are a great way to give families a quick boost as they create a new future for their families.

Here are just a few examples of giftcards we award thriving families:

  • Gas Cards
  • Grocery Cards
  • Movie Gift Cards
  • Verizon Phone Minutes Cards
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Pre-paid Cellular Gift Cards

Please Note: If you prefer, you may purchase a gift card of your choosing and donate it to the Family Resource Center.

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